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e-Competitions Bulletin

e‑Competitions is an antitrust case law database. Over 13000 case summaries from 2900 experts in 55 countries. Published every week: News Issue or Special Issue. Articles in English.

An overview of EU and national case law

25 August 2016
Jolling de Pree, Stephanie The

Concurrences Review

Concurrences is a review dedicated to EU and national antitrust laws. Published every 3 months, print & online. Over 15000 articles by 1200 authors. Articles in French or English.

UK: The effects of institutional change on UK remedies practice
Concurrences Review N° 2-2016
Adam Land, David Hansen


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Global Antitrust Hot Topics: EU, US & Global Perspectives
08.09.2016, Brussels
Energy security, competition and environment: is there any consistency?
15.09.2016, Paris
PaRR Antitrust Forum 2016
15.09.2016, London
120 Mergers Regime: Multinational Deals in a World of Non-Convergence: US, EU, Brazil, China...
19.09.2016, Washington, DC
Summer Course on European Public Procurement Law
19.09.2016, Trier
2016 Global Antitrust Enforcement Symposium
20.09.2016, Washington, DC
KCLA ECL Speakers - The Use of Leniency in EU Cartel Enforcement: An Assessment after Twenty Years, featuring Wouter Wils
20.09.2016, Brussels
43rd Annual Conference on International Antitrust Law and Policy: “The Future of Antitrust in Asia”
22.09.2016, New York
The judge and the in-house counsel: What prospects for repairing economic damages?
22.09.2016, Paris
ENTraNCE Annual Training
22.09.2016, Florence
Competition Law Compliance 2016
27.09.2016, London
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